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Linear actuators have wide applications in fields like medical care , medical bed , patient lift , dental chair , home care massage sofa, recliner chair ,skylight , tatami ; smart office height adjustable desk ,  and intelligent industries like solar tracker system ,robot , snow plow and lift machine . 

Solar tracking special electric actuator products are one of the applications of NAKIN electric actuators in the industrial field. Solar tracker electric actuators are generally located in harsh environments, such as: high humidity, large dust, variable temperature, pressure, etc. It is a very important test for the solar tracker electric actuator to work in these harsh environments without problems. The electric linear actuator products produced by NAKIN electric actuator manufacturers can only be released to the next step after they have undergone rigorous testing in each production link. It is essential to avoid problems during the operation of the product.

NAKIN solar electric actuators use high-strength, high-wear-resistant materials, precision parts processing, and advanced R&D and design teams, which have long been high-loading, anti-stamping, and adapt to various harsh environments to ensure normal work.




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