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Medical Healthcare

Linear actuator lifting columns for hospital applications .

The lifting column is a product developed to realize the lifting and lowering of various intelligent work platforms. The product has the characteristics of low noise, large expansion range, stable operation, beautiful appearance, easy installation and convenient operation. With the controller, it can realize electric The lifting column can be adjusted at any height in the lifting position to meet the needs of free adjustment of the lifting height of the product. The electric lifting column is a new type of linear lifting actuator mainly composed of a motor, a push rod, a control device, and a casing. Widely used in dental chair industry.

The lifting system of the dental chair adopts a lifting column, which has reliable performance and simple operation, and can be adjusted according to the height of the human body and the needs of treatment. The doctor is convenient for diagnosis and treatment, the patient is comfortable to lie down and sit, and it has a good ergonomic design.

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