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Wide application of electric actuators in solar energy

NAKIN solar electric linear actuators are made of high-strength, high-wear-resistant materials, precision parts processing, and advanced R&D and design teams. They have long been high-loading, anti-stamping, and adapt to various harsh environments to ensure normal work.

There are four common working states of NAKIN solar tracker electric actuator:

Daily tracking status under normal conditions (sunny weather);

Intermittent tracking, for example, when the solar tracking system determines that it is not suitable for tracking in cloudy weather and bad weather, the putter is in a suspended state. When the weather is good, the system will automatically give a fast-tracking command to quickly align it with the sun to complete fine tracking.

Reset design, when the sun goes down, the electric push rod of the solar tracker is automatically in a dormant state, and automatically resets to the position where the sun rises, so as to carry out a new round of tracking.

In bad weather, the solar tracker electric actuator will enter the automatic protection state. When customs or precipitation are not suitable for work, the actuator will stop working, and the light-receiving surface of the entire large system will be in a parallel or vertical state with the ground plane, so that Avoid system damage.

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