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Actuator solutions for industrial automation

NAKIN has a very big competitive advantage in the market competition in the solar tracker electric actuator, quality assurance, accurate tracking system, effectively improving the utilization efficiency of solar energy, regular return visits to customers, all NAKIN electric actuator manufacturers a kind of responsibility to customers. With the advantages of strong bearing capacity, high stability, long service life, and maintenance-free,  NAKIN solar electric actuator has a good reputation in the field of industrial solar energy, and has been favored and cooperated by national electric power institutions.


Actuator solutions for Agricultural harvester 

Large-scale agricultural harvesters face many challenges in operation. In addition to the inflexibility of hydraulic systems due to their heavy weight, it is also difficult to accurately complete certain automated operations. NAKIN electric actuator solution is designed to solve this type of problem.


Actuator solutions for yachts

NAKIN Linear actuators help yacht owners control everything from skylights, engine hatches, and braces to adjusting seats and bathing platforms.

Due to the harsh conditions at sea and outdoors, the construction of the actuators installed on yachts must be particularly strong and resistant. The actuators are subject to salt water, sun, wind and vibration and must perform well in these harsh conditions.  NAKIN electric actuator is not only compact and beautiful in structure, but also perfectly integrated into the overall luxurious structure design of the yacht; the high waterproof and dustproof stainless steel actuator can also withstand extreme temperature, operating vibration, shock, seawater corrosion; the working temperature is from -26°C to 60°C, The Hall signal precisely controls the position and stroke of the push rod, making it easy to achieve synchronous movement.




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