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Why are electric lift tables popular

The sit-standing desk is welcomed by the majority of sedentary office workers. It helps everyone to reduce sedentary time, and at the same time, it can also improve office efficiency, maintain their health, and complete their work better. Why not do it?

NAKIN has always been committed to providing a comfortable and healthy office environment for sedentary people. According to the principle of ergonomics, it has designed and developed a desktop lift table to help everyone realize the office mode of standing and sitting alternately.

NAKIN height adjustable standing desk frame features : 

1. The lift is smooth and stable

The lifting range of NAKIN table-type lifting table is between 595mm-1245mm, and the lifting range is wide; it is suitable for more tall people.  the whole lifting process is very smooth without jamming, very stable, slow in and slow out, no sudden stop and sudden start; and no noise in the lifting and lowering, the office operation is more secure.

2, High degree of random control

This NAKIN lift table can adjust the height at will, without gear limit, adjust to the height you want at any time, stop when you let go, and control the height at will.

3. Super load-bearing without shaking

The lifting desk frame has a super load-bearing capacity 125KG , good stability, and can withstand heavier objects. Notebooks/monitors/all kinds of document equipment can be placed, and you can put them at ease without worrying;

4. Various styles are available

There are various styles of NAKIN lifting table frames , including dual motor standard desk , L shape and other types , consumers can choose their favorite styles . 

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