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Linear actuator for window opener- roof skylight

Linear actuator for window opener- roof skylight

The roof is an urban residual space with great potential for use. For a long time, people's consciousness is that the roof is only used as a place for maintenance or storage of sundries. After the advent of electric linear actuator , the redevelopment of the roof space became possible. Roof skylights designed with professional electric window openers can not only be used to enjoy the roof sun, but also make full use of the roof space. The intelligent function of the electric window opener makes it very convenient to dehumidify the room, and it makes the lighting fully and well ventilated.

Compared with the traditional vertical windows, the inclined roof skylights designed with electric linear actuators have better lighting effects. You can get a good visual effect whether you are sitting or standing under the sloping roof skylight. And make the indoor and outdoor air better circulation.

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